BoCo 5 Star Fund

The Boulder County 5 Star Program encourages businesses in Boulder County to implement COVID-19 safety measures required by  public health orders and guidelines to help slow the spread of COVID-19.  In doing so, certified businesses will be able to accelerate their reopening at a higher capacity.

The Boulder County 5 Star Program is not funded with county public health dollars. Businesses pay a modest fee to apply to the program, and some of the administrative costs of the program are being funded through donations and local contributions. 

In order to ensure the equitable deployment of the Boulder County 5 Star Program, the Administrative Committee has set up the BoCo 5 Star Fund. Funds raised will support:

  • Paying application fees for businesses interested in pursuing certification, but unable to due to financial hardship - A contribution of $1,000 makes it possible for 10 businesses to apply for certification.
  • Providing grant funds for businesses to cover the costs of implementation of any public health measures required to receive certification.

Donate to the BOCO 5 Star Fund: